Introduction to Biosafety Cabinets

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Introduction to Biosafety Cabinets provides an overview of biosafety cabinets (BSCs), including the different types of cabinets, safe operation and work practices, proper decontamination methods, and a review of the NSF/ANSI 49 Standard.

  1. Function and use of various biosafety cabinets and HEPA filters.
  2. List of what class II and III biosafety cabinets (BSC) protect.
  3. Understanding of the BSC certification process and the differnet functional tests they must undergo.
  4. Fluency in the primary method of decontamination and types of decontaminates approved by ANSI.
  5. Download of NSF/ANFI 49 Standard.
Section 1: Air Filtration
Explains the features and functions of a BSC and HEPA filter, and lists the differences in retaining particle sizes for HEPA, ULPA, and SULPA filters.
Section 2: Types of Biosafety Cabinets
Describes types of BSCs, their differences, and what each is used for.
Section 3: Working in the Biosafety Cabinet
Defines what class II and class III cabinets protect and explains why UV lights are not recommended for use in a BSC.
Section 4: NSF/ANSI 49-2009
Explains BSCs certification and describes the different functional tests for BSCs.
Section 5: Biosafety Cabinet Decontamination
Describes the primary method of decontamination, lists the types of decontaminants approved by ANSI, and explains what indicators are used to validate decontamination.
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