Drug Discovery Considerations of Therapeutic Antibodies

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  • Course Level: Level 2 - General
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Drug Discovery Considerations of Therapeutic Antibodies explains the process through which biopharmaceutical companies, federal laboratories, and universities identify potential therapeutic entities using in silico, in vitro, and in vivo methodologies.


Suggested Prerequisites

Drug Discovery of Biologics

  1. Knowledge of the drug discovery workflow and how each specific goal is aligned for development.
  2. Understanding of the criteria used for early drug candidate selection and how the properties of therapeutic antibodies play into this selection.
  3. A deep understanding of in silico, in vitro, and in vivo models to explore functional pharmacology activity.
  4. Fluency in the four distinct classes of antibody therapeutics.
  5. Exploration of data and transition criteria that enable a candidate drug to move from the discovery phase into preclinical development.
Section 1: Drug Discovery Workflow
Section 2: Early Drug Candidate Selection
Section 3: Affinity Maturation and CMC Liabilities
Section 4: Antibody Diversity
Section 5: Discovery to Development Criteria
Final Quiz
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