Clinical Development 201: Phase I

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Clinical Development 201: Phase I explores the prerequisites, purpose, design, and conduct of Phase I trials. Topics such as bioequivalence, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, endpoints, selection of dose, and more are explained in detail.

Suggested Prerequisites

Clinical Development 101: General Principles

  1. Requirements for and maintenance of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application and a Clinical Trials Application (CTA).
  2. Purpose of, and characteristics of Phase 0 and Phase I clinical trials.
  3. Expectations related to clinical benefit in early clinical trials for a standard development programs, and development of treatments for conditions associated with serious unmet medical need.
  4. Typical endpoints assessed in Phase I clinical trials.
  5. Steps to take at the conclusion of the Phase I clinical study.
Certificate Requirements
  • View the entire course  
  • Pass course exam with a 70 percent  
  • Complete the course evaluation  
Section 1: Clinical Trail Prerequisites
Clinical Trial Prerequisites identifies the CMC, preclinical safety, and pharmacology prerequisites for entering early phase clinical trials. Learn th...More
Section 2: Study Designs and Objectives
Study Designs and Objectives describes the purpose of, and characteristics of Phase 0 and Phase I clinical trials and the general approach associated...More
Section 3: Conducting the Clinical Study
Phase I Conducting the Clinical Study explains how dosage is determined using maximum tolerated dose (MTD), single ascending dose (SAD), and multiple...More
Final Quiz
Course Evaluation
Certificate Requirements
  • View the entire course  
  • Pass course exam with a 70 percent  
  • Complete the course evaluation  
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Certificate Requirements
  • View the entire course  
  • Pass course exam with a 70 percent  
  • Complete the course evaluation