Cell Therapy Primer

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Cell Therapy Primer explains how cancer poses an immune challenge and the scientific rationale behind designing Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) to address it. It examines the commercial advantages and disadvantages of various cell lines and provides insights into the next generation of cell therapies. Learn the basic science of cell therapy and its potential to transform the future of medicine.


1. Compare the cell sources used for cell therapy and discuss their scientific advantages and disadvantages.

2. Understand the challenge presented by cancer and the principle of CAR design.

3. Explain how CAR-T cells are manufactured.

4. Identify the commercial advantages and challenges of CAR-T cell therapy.

5. Discuss the attempts to improve CAR-T cell therapy and the different cell types explored for cell therapy

Certificate Requirements
  • View the entire course
Certificate Requirements
  • View the entire course
Section 1: Cell Therapy Defined
Provides an overview of the first cell therapies and compares two types of cells commercially available today for cell therapy development.
Section 2: Chimeric Antigen Receptor
Learn the immune system’s role and how cancer evades it. We end the section by explaining how Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) are used in cell the...More
Section 3: CAR-T Commercial Landscape
CAR-T was first developed by Israeli immunologists Zelig Eshhar and Gideon Gross between 1989-1993. In section three, we discuss the commercial landscape of CAR-T.
Section 4: Next-Generation Cell Therapy
Explore the next-generation derivatives of CAR-T cells and investigate exciting new cell line frontiers.
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Certificate Requirements
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