Biosafety Basics for Laboratory Workers

  • Course Price: $150 USD
  • Course Run Time: 55 minutes
  • Course Level: Level 1 - Foundational
  • Completion Period: 2 week

Biosafety Basics for Laboratory Workers provides an initial framework for the practices and principles laboratory workers should use when working with toxins and infectious biological agents.

  1. State the practices, training, safety equipment, and special designed laboratory buildings to ensure workers in the community, and environment are protected from accidental exposure or unintentional release of infectious biological agents and toxins.
  2. Explain risk assessment frameworks and processes.
  3. Identify ways to lower exposure to infectious biological agents through engineering controls.
  4. Explore administrative controls and lab safety regulations.
  5. Explain the rationale for and types of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Section 1: Infectious Agent Identification
Section 2: Risk Assessment of Infectious Agents
Section 3: Engineering Controls
Section 4: Administrative Controls
Section 5: Personal Protective Equipment
Final Quiz
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