Recorded Biopharma Revenue Forecasting

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  • Course Run Time: 7 hours
  • Course Level: Level 2 - General
  • Completion Period: 3 month

This is the recorded Biopharma Revenue Forecasting course which has the same content, interactive exercises, and course materials that are given in the live version. You have 3 months to view this course. 

Biopharma Revenue Forecasting that Drives Decision Making and Investments is a seven-hour tactical course invaluable for organizations that work in both preclinical/early clinical development all the way to mature biopharma. Develop knowledge of the core elements that influence revenue forecasting including pricing, competitive assessments, and epidemiology. Understand how the geography of the US, EU, Japan, China, and the rest of the world impacts revenue forecasting. Join our dynamic industry experts as they bring to life the ‘logical process’ of revenue forecasting using real-life case studies that participants work through together. The scope of this course includes:
• Geography: US, EU5, Japan, China, ROW
• Therapeutic area: oncology, specialty, rare diseases, gene therapy


1. Develop a broad understanding of how and why revenue forecasts are developed to
    drive strategic decision making and investing in the biopharma industry.
2. Become fluent in the core elements of revenue forecasting including: epidemiology,
    competitive assessments, market share assignment, duration of therapy, pricing, grossto-
    net margins, and annual price increases.
3. Understand how revenue forecasting varies across geographies and the considerations
    that need to be accounted.
4. Demonstrate the logical process (workstreams) that leads to effective, defensible
    revenue forecasting and the interpretation of its findings.
5. Generate insights and actionable decisions from the forecasting process.


Certificate Requirements
  • View entire course
  • Read all articles
  • Answer all knowledge check questions
Revenue Forecasting Context
Competitive Assessments
Knowledge Check
Market Share Assignment
Knowledge Check
Market Share Models
Drug Pricing Today
Knowledge Check
Basic Terminology And Types Of Epidemiology Studies
Disease Rates
The Role Of Demographics In Epidemiological Projections
The Process Of Determining Patient Populations
Basic Sources Of Epidemiological Data
Knowledge Check
Revenue Forecast Assumptions Summary
Linkedin Certificate Demo
Certificate Requirements
  • View entire course
  • Read all articles
  • Answer all knowledge check questions