BioBriefing: Introduction to the Biopharma Industry
$695 USD - $895 USD

BioBriefing: Introduction to the Biopharma Industry

  • November 30, 2023
  • (Time : 12:00 pm - 06:30 pm EDT)
  • Price : $695 USD - $895 USD
  • 411 Swedeland Road | Suite 23-1080 | King of Prussia, PA 19406 View Map
  • Instructor Name: Collins Jones, PhD
  • Course Level: Level 1 - Foundational

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BioBriefing: Introduction to the Biopharma Industry is an intensive one-day course explaining the basic biology used by the biopharma industry to create therapeutics. These topics include the function of DNA, RNA, and proteins and how the body fights disease. The afternoon begins by explaining how various biologics fight disease. The rest of the day is spent on discussing biopharma processes such as drug development and drug manufacturing.


1. Fluency in the essential terminology and acronyms of the biopharma industry
2. Improved communication with colleagues, clients, scientists, and regulators
3. Increased scientific understanding of how biologics stop the disease
4. Determination of how drugs are developed and manufactured
5. Integration of your business and science operations to empower staff to recognize new opportunities

Who should attend

Non-science professionals from all sectors, including finance, legal, sales, marketing, HR, manufacturing, management, government relations, IT, project management, regulatory affairs, supply chain, safety, and tech transfer. For anyone working on the "business side" needs to better understand and communicate with the "science side." 

Past participants include:

  • Venture capitalists, angel investors, bankers, analysts, financial managers
  • Insurance brokers, real estate professionals
  • Patient advocacy group staff, disease foundation members
  • Policymakers, lobbyists, attorneys
  • Consultants, public relations specialists, journalists
  • University administrators, research institute support staff
  • Environmental, health, and safety engineers
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Location:  411 Swedeland Road | Suite 23-1080 | King of Prussia, PA 19406

Entry Protocol: Please have your license ready to show at reception. 

Parking: Free onsite

Dress: Please plan on dressing in layers as we cannot control the temperature in the room. 

What to bring to class: Log into your Biotech Primer dashboard to download or print the electronic workbook as you will need access to this for course activities. You may want to bring a pen and paper to take notes. Please ensure your laptop is fully charged.

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