Drug Development Immersion
$1495 USD - $1595 USD

Drug Development Immersion

  • March 29, 2023 - March 31, 2023
  • (Time : 12:00 pm - 04:00 pm EDT)
  • Price : $1495 USD - $1595 USD
  • Instructor Name: Janet Rose Rea
  • Course Level: Level 1 - Foundational

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Drug Development Immersion is an interactive course that explores the regulatory, commercial, and scientific factors needed to bring a drug successfully to market. The discussion features both small molecule drugs and biologics. Our instructors illustrate the corporate decision-making process with personal accounts, giving participants unique strategic development insights. Learn from an industry expert what it takes to get a molecule from the bench into the marketplace. 

Drug Development Immersion was developed for the non-science professional who works within or services the biopharma industry and needs to become familiar with the preclinical and clinical development process.


Who should attend

Appropriate for those without a science background who need a foundational understanding of the drug development process.

Ideal for anyone who works in finance, law, marketing, human resources, business development, project management, IT, administrative support, supply chain, research development, non-clinical, clinical, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, policy, government relations and manufacturing.

Past participants include:

  • Venture capitalists, bankers, analysts, financial managers
  • Insurance brokers, real estate professionals
  • Patient advocacy group staff, disease foundation members
  • Policy makers, lobbyists, attorneys
  • Consultants, public relations specialists, journalists
  • University administrators, research institute support staff


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  1. Fluency in essential terminology and acronyms used in clinical development.
  2. An in-depth look at the FDA and EMA regulatory process and sponsor interactions.
  3. Criteria for preclinical studies to support first-in-human clinical trials.
  4. Rationale, special considerations, and study design for both traditional and non-traditional
    clinical trial phases.
  5. Understanding of the launch process, life cycle management, and post-approval drug safety


What People Are Saying

"This course was immensely beneficial for me. As a project manager with no pharma experience, I now feel better equipped to perform my job functions, ask insightful questions, and mitigate risks much earlier on before they become issues."

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Zoom - Live Online

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