Drug Development Immersion Onsite | 2 day

Drug Development Immersion

  • May 10, 2023 - May 11, 2023
  • (Time : 12:00 pm - 06:30 pm EDT)
  • Price : Not available - SOLD OUT
  • 188 E Blaine St Ste 150, Seattle, WA 98102 View Map
  • Instructor Name: Janet Rose Rea
  • Course Level: Level 1 - Foundational

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Drug Development Immersion is an interactive course that explores the regulatory, commercial, and scientific factors needed to bring a drug successfully to market. The discussion features both small-molecule drugs and biologics. Our instructors illustrate the corporate decision-making process with personal accounts, giving participants unique strategic development insights. Learn from an industry expert what it takes to get a molecule from the bench into the marketplace. 

Drug Development Immersion was developed for the non-science professional who works within or services the biopharma industry and needs to become familiar with the preclinical and clinical development process.


  1. Fluency in essential terminology and acronyms used in clinical development.
  2. An in-depth look at the FDA and EMA regulatory process and sponsor interactions.
  3. Criteria for preclinical studies to support first-in-human clinical trials.
  4. Rationale, special considerations, and study design for both traditional and non-traditional
    clinical trial phases.
  5. Understanding of the launch process, life cycle management, and post-approval drug safety


What People Are Saying

"This course was immensely beneficial for me. As a project manager with no pharma experience, I now feel better equipped to perform my job functions, ask insightful questions, and mitigate risks much earlier on before they become issues."

Who should attend

Appropriate for those without a science background who need a foundational understanding of the drug development process.

Ideal for anyone who works in finance, law, marketing, human resources, business development, project management, IT, administrative support, supply chain, research development, non-clinical, clinical, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, policy, government relations and manufacturing.

Past participants include:

  • Venture capitalists, bankers, analysts, financial managers
  • Insurance brokers, real estate professionals
  • Patient advocacy group staff, disease foundation members
  • Policymakers, lobbyists, attorneys
  • Consultants, public relations specialists, journalists
  • University administrators, research institute support staff


In Partnership With

Life Science Washington

In Partnership With

Life Science Washington


Location: Life Science Washington Office, 188 E Blaine St Ste 150, Seattle, WA 98102

Entry Protocol: Please have your license ready to show at reception. 

Parking: Free onsite

Refreshments: Coffee, tea, and water bottle station provided. Please bring your own water bottle. 

Lunch: A lunch is provided. If you have any special dietary needs please plan on bringing your own lunch as we cannot guarantee how the food is prepared as we are using a 3rd party caterer.  

Dress: Please plan on dressing in layers as we cannot control the temperature in the room. 

What to bring to class: Log into your Biotech Primer dashboard to download or print the electronic workbook as you will need access to this for course activities. You may want to bring a pen and paper to take notes. Please ensure your laptop is fully charged.

In Partnership With

Life Science Washington

Drug Development Immersion Onsite Workbook 2023

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Learn the regulatory, commercial, and scientific factors to bring a drug successfully to market.