BioBasics 101: The Biology of Biotech for the Non-Scientist Onsite | 2 day | LSW
$1295 USD - $1595 USD

BioBasics 101: The Biology of Biotech for Non-Scientists

  • September 06, 2023 - September 07, 2023
  • (Time : 12:00 pm - 06:30 pm EDT)
  • Price : $1295 USD - $1595 USD
  • Seattle Children’s Institute at 1900 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 View Map
  • Instructor Name: Kevin Curran
  • Course Level: Level 1 - Foundational

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BioBasics 101: The Biology of Biotech for the Non-Scientist is an intensive course that explains the foundational science upon which all biopharma therapies are based. Day one focuses on the function of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell signaling and how each interacts in both healthy and diseased tissue. Day two builds on your newfound molecular biology knowledge. This includes a more in-depth look at genetic disease and how genetic engineering is used to create personalized medicine options for patients. The course ends with a survey of small molecule drugs, biologics, and vaccines and explains how each mitigates disease at the molecular level. BioBasics 101 will increase your scientific knowledge so that you can converse more effectively with colleagues, clients, regulators, and scientists.

BioBasics 101 was developed for the non-science professional who works within or services the biopharma industry.

  1. Fluency in essential biopharma industry terminology.
  2. Improved ability to communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, scientists, and regulators.
  3. Increased scientific understanding of your employer or client products.   
  4. Determine how your employer or client organization “fits” in the healthcare landscape.
  5. Integration of corporate business and science operations to empower staff to recognize new opportunities.

What People Are Saying
"This course was so helpful. I am by no means a science-oriented person but the way the instructor was able to present the material made it extremely easy to understand. The real-life examples and analogies were especially helpful." 

Who should attend

Non-science professionals from all sectors, including finance, legal, sales, marketing, HR, manufacturing, management, government relations, IT, project management, regulatory affairs, supply chain, safety, and tech transfer. For anyone working on the "business side" needs to better understand and communicate with the "science side." 

Past participants include:

  • Venture capitalists, angel investors, bankers, analysts, financial managers
  • Insurance brokers, real estate professionals
  • Patient advocacy group staff, disease foundation members
  • Policymakers, lobbyists, attorneys
  • Consultants, public relations specialists, journalists
  • University administrators, research institute support staff
  • Environmental, health, and safety engineers
In Partnership With

Life Science Washington

In Partnership With

Life Science Washington


Location: Seattle Children’s Institute at 1900 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Entry Protocol: Please have your license ready to show at reception. 

Parking: Free onsite

Refreshments: Coffee, tea, and water bottle station provided. Please bring your own water bottle. 

Lunch: A lunch is provided. If you have any special dietary needs please plan on bringing your own lunch as we cannot guarantee how the food is prepared as we are using a 3rd party caterer.  

Dress: Please plan on dressing in layers as we cannot control the temperature in the room. 

What to bring to class: Log into your Biotech Primer dashboard to download or print the electronic workbook as you will need access to this for course activities. You may want to bring a pen and paper to take notes. Please ensure your laptop is fully charged.

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Life Science Washington

BioBasics 101: The Biology of Biotech for the Non-Scientist Workbook 2023